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Creature (Rebelmatic) | Interview

From Queens, NY, Creature is an emcee, published author, and innovator of street salesmanship. As an original member of the 90’s hip hop group The Triflicts, produced by The Beatnuts, Creature has appeared in places such as MF Doom’s album and a Tony Hawk video game. In 2005, he released an album, Never Say Die, with features from Slug (Atmosphere), Jin, and Busdriver. In 2007, Creature published a book, The Underdog Manifesto, as a DIY book for the independent artist. By practicing what he preaches, Creature booked his own bi-monthly concert series, The Coffee Grind, in which he performed and allowed local acts to gain exposure by performing alongside Camp Lo, Just Ice, and Sadat X. In 2009, Creature released an album, Prey For The Vulture, with his band under the name Rebelmatic. In 2011, Creature released Chester Himes EP as a free download.

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  • comment avatar ThatsKanoe October 23, 2011

    The Definition of Hustle. I’ve had the opportunity to personally witness Creature on his grind. No phony shit for the cameras this guy is really out in theses ny streets getting his music to as many people as possible. Truly inspiring to see an Artist live off what they love.

  • comment avatar Tah Phrum Duh Bush October 24, 2011

    This man is the epitome of GRIND. It is an honor to know him and I hope that some day I can be one of the artists he can list as a collaborator. I grind and hustle hard on the daily too, but every time I see Creature and get to talk to him I learn something new. Every time I have seen him his book has been sold out. I had the chance to purchase his book “The Underdog Manifesto” 2 days ago when we were on a panel together at the RE/Mixed Media Festival in Brooklyn. It is an incredible, down to earth and priceless piece of inspiration for any independent artist to have. If you don’t have it, GET IT!

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