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TheBeeShine Cypher #7: ArchRival, Miilkbone, Ren Thomas, PH, Skrewtape, & The Wrist

TheBeeShine is proud to present its seventh cypher, produced by Skammadix. This one includes top lyricists from New Jersey, some of which saw mainstream fame in the 90s. This cypher was highly competitive with every emcee bringing a strong performance. The commentary will give you a brief insight into their mind state and past experience from cyphers. Check out this video and leave a comment on whose verse you liked most.

In order of appearance: ArchRival, Miilkbone, Ren Thomas, PH, Skrewtape, & The Wrist.

With the unfortunate and untimely passing of our dear friend PH, please donate directly to his family here.

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