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Dominik Omega | Interview

Originally from St. Louis, MO, Dominik Omega moved to Massachusetts with his family and found comfort in the early 90s hip hop music. He was contributing to the art of freestyle, and while searching for emcees to battle, Dominik formed a group with Rev. Trxx called Knoble Gasses. With a need for change and challenge, he enrolled in school for animation in Long Beach, CA, and was quickly embraced in to the hip hop community. Within a year, he moved to back to Massachusetts to reunite with Knoble Gasses. At age 23, Dominik became a father and took a hiatus from music to focus on his new responsibilities. After two years, he returned with a renewed sense of belonging and picked up where he left off with his usual blend of strength, wit, and perception. In 2010, Dominik Omega released an EP, The Missing Piece. In 2011, his full length debut album was released, This Moment In Time.

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  • comment avatar Sebastian Brown October 6, 2011

    Shit is mad real bro, i feel the same way. Cant conform to these weak ass so called emcees. Lyrical content has been lost for too long. Love ya message meng keep it comin’. One.

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