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GMS & L.R. Blitzkrieg (HYDRA) | Interview

GMS & L.R. Blitzkrieg are two-thirds of the New York hip hop group group HYDRA, and also co-founders of The Plague. A few years ago they decided to capitalize on the current shift in the music business, away from major record labels and towards the artistic and financial freedom that independent ownership affords artists, songwriters, and producers. Along with partners WildChild, Mecca, and PH, they put together various divisions of MCMI, a multi-divisional brand dedicated to the progression of the hip hop culture through all forms of media in the digital age. MCMI has released several mixtapes, with their official debut single and video, “County Of Kings” with PH, Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Ruste Juxx, and L.R. Blitzkrieg.

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  • comment avatar Danny January 23, 2011

    Dope. Been a fan of Hydra from way back. Good to see them still rockin’ workin; on something positive. One love.


  • comment avatar Trigganometry January 23, 2011

    Thanks for clearing up what “MCMI” means, I feel stupid now for not knowing, it seems obvious now that you say it. I had asked my boy what it meant and he wouldn’t tell me, lol, on some elitest if you don’t know, you ain’t down, type shit.

    I went to the Youtube channel. That’s whassup. Good shiz.


  • comment avatar GMS January 24, 2011

    Thanks for the support!


  • comment avatar China Black January 24, 2011

    Very inspiring!

  • comment avatar Danny January 24, 2011

    That’s whassup!

  • comment avatar MC Trouble January 24, 2011

    So glad to see these dudes coming out with some new dope tracks! Can’t wait for the new single–esp so I can see more of that hot ass Blitzkrieg! 😉

    • comment avatar Blitzkrieg January 27, 2011

      LOL….uh…i sure hope your a girl or there may be trouble indeed!

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