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Chaundon | Interview

Hall Of Justus member Chaundon grew up in the South Bronx before attending college in North Carolina. From writing rhymes at age 13, he was rapping in school, at every local club he could find, and even freestyled on radio stations. When he joined the up-and-coming crew known as The Justus League, Chaundon first released a mixtape in 2003, Slow Leaks. In 2005 his second mixtape was released, Live From The 718, as well as guest appearances on Little Brother’s album, The Minstrel Show, and L.E.G.A.C.Y.’s album, Project Mayhem. Chaundon released several more mixtapes and his 2008 debut solo album, Carnage. In 2010, Chaundon released an EP, Baby Making Music, followed by his sophomore album, No Excuses.

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