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Dae One | Interview

From Hawthorne, CA. Dae One has been an artist and producer since age 14. After high school, he formed a group with emcees Noni Spitz and Taje, called Egzile. They soon decided to pursue independent careers, which led Dae One to meeting his mentor, Sir Jinx. Dae One has worked with artists such as Ice Cube, Butch Cassidy, Snoop Dogg, Crooked I, David Banner, and more. In 2005, Dae One, Taje, and two other business partners created LNS Entertainment in attempt to help independent artists with their careers. They have helped with projects such as Roccett’s West In Full album, both of Taje’s Hot Box albums, and Noni Spitz’s W.I.M.S. album. In 2009, Dae One released his first instrumental album, Revenge Of The Synth. Later that year, he worked on Snoop Dogg’s album, More Malice, and Ice Cube’s album, I Am The West. Recently, Dae One collaborated with rapper Noni Spitz under the name No One. In 2010, they released the mixtape, The Pre-Substance and an EP, Clearance (Substance Abuse). In 2011, No One followed up with their official full length album, The Substance.

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