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DJ Lord Yoda X (Crash Crew) | Interview

DJ Lord Yoda X is a hip hop DJ from Harlem, NY. He joined a group in 1977 called Crash Crew, with almost 20 neighborhood friends. With no hip hop audience in the 70s, the group would practice in the local candy store basement in order for people to hear them. They walked from one housing project to the next from 1977-1980 to perform their routines. Crash Crew later became six members and recorded their first single “High Powered Rap” in 1980 under the name Disco Dave & The Force Of The 5 MCs. That same year, the group signed to Sugar Hill Records and released several classic singles, such as “We Wanna Rock”, “Breaking Bells”, and “On The Radio”. Lord Yoda X has also managed the Harlem hip hop duo Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock.

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