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DJ Ricochet | Interview

DJ Ricochet represents Philadelphia and specializes in Hip Hop, R&B, Old School, House, and Reggae music. He began DJing at age 15, after his brother Rahmeer made a strong impression on him as a DJ. For ten years DJ Ricochet has hosted and performed in many diverse venues throughout the tri-state area. DJ Ricochet is the founder of Untouchable Entertainment, he started his own official night spot on Fridays at the 12 Lounge, and he is part of The Dream Team, an ultimate DJ team in Philadelphia with members DJ Boo, DJ Shadmoney, DJ Young Dellz, & DJ Marty Geez. Check out DJ Ricochet’s mix tapes, Amnesia, Amnesia 2, and The Pre-Game 2.

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