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Dumbfoundead | Interview

From Los Angeles, CA, Dumbfoundead was exposed to hip hop at age 14. Dumbfoundead began developing the technique of freestyling and educating himself on hip hop history. He was soon taken to Project Blowed in South Central, Los Angeles, where he would perfect his skill as an emcee with amongst others such as Otherwize, Nocando, P.E.A.C.E., and more. He is also a member of the hip hop trio, Thirsty Fish, and the Los Angeles battle crew, Swim Team. Dumbfoundead frequently collaborates with a popular Korean rap/pop group, Epik High, and has been a regular performer at the annual Asian Hip Hop Summit. He has been featured on CNN, NBC Los Angeles, Fox 11, and Gizmodo for spearheading the LA Underground scene. Dumbfoundead’s ongoing YouTube series features artists and peers, allowing them to showcase their skills. In 2010, Dumbfoundead played a significant role for Knocksteady,a hip hop oriented movement based in Los Angeles.

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