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Educated Consumers | Interview

From Washington, DC, Seez Mics and Jay Bombbeat are the two-man bridge between hip hop’s golden eras known as Educated Consumers. Jay’s production provides a piece of history in every track. His sample based production combines one of the world’s most extensive record collections, a deep appreciation for hip hop’s boom-bap era, and a few tricks with the MPC. Seez Mics branched out from a memorable run in the nation’s battle circuit to develop as a writer. His style of weaving complex narratives out of detailed observations often require several listens. The two began working exclusively as Educated Consumers in 1999. Their discography includes critically acclaimed albums and CMJ chart-topping singles. They have toured extensively as the opening act for Eyedea & Abilities and as headliners on their own runs across the country. They are also involved in a group known as First Name Basis, with K-Cromozone and DJ Cam One.

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