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Johnny Famous aka Scoob Lover | Interview

Johnny Famous, aka Scoob Lover, is a hip hop artist, producer, host, promoter, actor, and fashion stylist from Brooklyn, NY. His contributions to hip hop began as a choreographer, stylist, and barber for Big Daddy Kane. After hearing “Ms. Jay” by King Tim III & The Fatback Band, he was captivated and inspired to write, dance, and perform. Johnny and his friend Lazy Laze were dancing and performing on New York City trains until Johnny became a regular at the Apollo Theater, and later Apollo’s dance champion of 1983. Along with several friends, he formed the dance group I.O.U. They gained popularity for dancing and trendsetting at the Latin Quarters, winning competitions two consecutive years at the Apollo, and appearing in Salt-N-Pepa’s 1987 music video for the song “Tramp”. With a history of appearing on countless Big Daddy Kane tracks, Johnny later founded Trendsetters V.I.P. Entertainment Group, to expand his talents in other entertainment fields. In 2013, he collaborated with Damon Dash to film and produce “Scoob Lover, The Evolution Of Hip Hop Dance”, a documentary of his life and rise as a hip hop dancer.

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