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Kenny Parker remembers a disaster performance with KRS-One | Interview

DJ Kenny Parker shares an exclusive story with TheBeeShine of the first time he ever performed live with his biological brother, KRS-One. The setting was Oakland, California and the concert bill was shared with Digital Underground and Too Short. D-Nice was originally the DJ for KRS-One, but his solo career took off when “Call Me D-Nice” reached the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums in 1990. D-Nice suggested to the blastmaster KRS that his brother Kenny should be his DJ, since he had been a roadie for years and had the set list memorized from filming each show. KRS replied about how he needed a DJ that was very good at the craft. The night before the perform in Oakland, KRS told Kenny that Kenny will be the DJ for the show. Kenny was given the set list and access to the turntables (which he had first touched only three months ago) before KRS went to bed. Watch how the story unfolds and check out the full Kenny Parker interview.

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