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Labtekwon | Interview

From Baltimore, MD, Labtekwon has been recognized as the ground zero of true school hip hop artists on both east and west coasts. He has has performed at the Lyricist Lounge in New York, Project Blowed in Los Angeles, and is a champion of Zulu Nation Freestyle Competition, as well as a Zulu Nation Chapter Leader for Baltimore and Washington, DC. He has released over 35 projects, including 18 full length albums on his own label, Ankh Ba Records. The music of Labtekwon defies all convention, as each album challenges listeners to reach further outside of the box. Labtekwon has the most diverse catalog of music in the field of emceeing. His most recent release, NEXT: Baltimore Basquiat & The Future Shock (2010), is a classic example of Labtekwon’s innovative, groundbreaking style of hip hop music.

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