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Oyoshe | Interview

From Naples, Italy, Oyoshe is an emcee and producer who began writing rhymes at age 11. At age 16, he was winning Italian freestyle competitions. After several demos and freestyle battles with his crews, CianuroProd and ISC Family, Oyoshe released his debut album in 2008, Bring Da Noise. The album features famous Italian emcees and DJ’s such as Speaker Cenzou, Clementino, and DJ Uncino, among others In 2009, collaborated with Deka on an album called “Broke N Spuork”. In 2010, Oyoshe released an EP titled The RE:MIX which contains 13 remixed tracks of classic hip hop songs. In 2011, he released Bring Da Noise 2 on Soulspazm Records with American artists Vast Aire, Chief Kamachi, Blaq Poet, Verbal Kent, Block McCloud, C-Rayz Walz, and others.

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