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Remsa of weatherPROOF | Interview

Remsa grew up in New Jersey with a passion for hip hop at a young age. He began rhyming in high school and later linked up with Event to form the group weatherPROOF. weatherPROOF quickly launched the name on a national level by numerous performances including the Vans Warped Tour. In 2009, the group released their debut album, Metropolis with production from Wizard and Domingo. The album features Mac Lethal, The Inscrypshun, Sam Doom, and more. In 2013, weatherPROOF released their sophomore album, Dirty Naturals, with production from Mr. Concept, Entity, Boy Of Summer, and more. Guest appearances include Ras Kass, Louis Logic, Foreign Beggars (UK), and more. Check out the music video for the lead single “Yellow Brick Road” and download Dirty Naturals for free.

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