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Swiss Precise | Interview

Long Beach, CA graffiti legend Swiss Precise (formerly known as Index), was a staple in the the scene since 1983. He’s been the hand-style epitomist, from tagging, bombing, and wild-style pieces. As the first graffiti artist in history to receive two felonies for graffiti writing, Swiss opened up a few legal graffiti yards with Skez One in 1991. Swiss has done work for companies such as Hurley, Split, MTV, and The Discovery Channel. As an emcee, Swiss has recorded music with Evidence, Edo G, RBX, LMNO, Ugly Duckling, R.A. The Rugged Man, Special Teamz, Master Fuol, and more. His sound is provided by producers around the globe, including Jabba The Kut, Discrete Merchants, Bunty Beats, Optimist, and more.Check out Swiss’ albums; A Blazing Tape (2010), A Day In The Life (2010), and The Gooch (2011).

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