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DJ Wayne Ski | Interview

DJ Wayne Ski is a hip hop DJ and producer from Queens, NY. In 1994, he was creating hip hop and R&B mixtapes, and later landed an internship at Def Jam Records in 1997. In 2003, he was working with Marley Marl and became one of the featured DJs on Marleyʼs web site, Ski has been featured on Rap City’s “The Basement” on BET with Big Tigga, as well as XM Radioʼs “The City”. In 2004, he joined Capitol Records to DJ with recording artist MIMS and arrange the music for all live performances. He recently produced a track and music video for Bumpy Knuckles’ single, “PhUcKu”. Wayne Ski is a full-time producer, DJ, on-air personality, and host on many radio stations, including Beatminerz Radio.

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