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Loaded Lux | Interview

Since emerging from the underground rap battle circuit, Harlem’s own Loaded Lux has evolved as a substantial independent artist. Lux has always been appreciative of his parents keeping him focused and disciplined at a young age. As one of 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday Hall Of Famer’s on BET, Lux is also known for developing the rap battle league known as The Lionz Den for rappers to showcase their lyrical abilities as a raw, uncut view into their craft and passion for what they’ve experienced. Lux released multiple DVD series’ of The Lionz Den with phenomenal success, and deemed one of the highest sold underground hip hop DVD’s in 2009. This led to Lux being recognized by DJ Kid Capri, collaborating together on the mixtape, Get Ya Tapes Ready, followed by several other Loaded Lux mixtapes. Lux has reached mainstream notoriety after his URL battle against Calicoe, by raising the bar of lyricism to the highest degree. Purchase Lux’s 2012 album, Beloved.

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