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Pryme Prolifik | Interview

Pryme Prolifik is an emcee, producer, and engineer from Kearny, NJ. He immersed himself in the hip hop community in 1993 with long-time friend Doh Boi, after moving to East Newark in middle school. In 2005, Pryme founded Rotten Garden Records with Joe Frazier and Mic Lord. RGR released Pryme’s first mixtape, Diaries Of The Rotten Garden. In 2009, Pryme released The Flyest Thing Without Wings Mixtape, featuring REKS, Scanz, Godilla, Tre-L, Seb Zero, Doh Boi, and others. Later, Pryme and Nemisis released Rotten Garden Generals, a compilation album of local NJ/NY artists. Pryme has since released various instrumental albums and represents the group, Morning Starz, alongside Mr. Farricker.

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