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Jakk Frost | Interview

Jakk Frost is an emcee native to Philadelphia, and CEO of Cold World Music. He began putting in work as an artist in the early 90’s under the name Big Tabb. Frost is known for his single, “Philly Love”, which spoke light on the city’s history. His hustle speaks for itself by the amount of albums and videos released. He teamed up with DJ Benja Styles on the mixtapes, Jakk The Ripper and Throw Bakk Jakk. He also teamed up with Freeway on the mixtapes, The Best Of The Beards and Free Money: Offense, Defense. Jakk even made time to release solo projects, Jakk Of All Tradez, Grown Up Music, Throw Bakk Jakk 2, and Mekka N The Sole Brother with Vitamin D.

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  • comment avatar Remsa April 6, 2011

    Jakk Frost is that dude from Philly, glad to see you got a hold of him for a few minutes!

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