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Moe Dirdee “Ride Clean” (Official Music Video)

Detroit emcee Moe Dirdee drops a new visual for the single “Ride Clean”. The song is from Moe’s 2012 album, Dirdee Moetown 3. Purchase the album here and check out Moe Dirdee’s interview on TheBeeShine.

What Inspires Midwest Miles

From Detroit, MI, Midwest Miles is an emcee most known for battling rapping in The Lions Den and URL. In 2008, he released the mixtape, The Suicide Note, mixed by DJ P Dog. Check out Miles’ music videos for the songs “Murda Mook Diss” and “Where You From”, featuring Bizarre, King Gordy, and Kuniva.

What Inspires Swann

From Detroit, MI, Swann is one of several pioneers in the art of freestyle battle rap. He has gained recognition nationwide by showcasing his off-the-top wit beyond street cyphers. Swann has been featured in The Source, on MTV, VH1, Fight Klub, and Scribble Jam. Some of his most notable battles are from Scribble Jam, battling against Illmaculate and Rhymefest. On a larger scale, Swann has faced off with Blind Fury on MTV’s MC Battle competition.

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What Inspires Marvwon

Marvwon is a great example of the talent that Detroit has to offer hip hop. As an emcee, Marvwon has earned a reputable name by competing in battles over the years, both freestyle and written. In 2007, Marv teamed up with Quest Mcody for the World Rap Championship tournament to battle The Saurus and Illmaculate in the finals. Since then, Marv has been featured in URL, KOTD, and GTN. Marv’s first two albums are called Way Of The Won and Wayne Fontes Music.

What Inspires Seven The General

Seven The General is a talented and hungry artist from Detroit, Michigan. He has worked with artists from the group D12, as well as Royce Da 5’9″ and Redman. After a decade in prison, Seven wasted no time contributing to music and building a name for himself. His first single, “We In The Building”, is featured on Legendz Entertainment’s 2008 album, Bout Time. Seven is featured in Al Profit’s crime documentary, Murder City: Detroit, 100 Years Of Crime & Violence. Seven also stars in the motion picture, Dancing Shoes, directed by Darren Brown. In 2010, Seven released the album, Sanctum Sanctorium.