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What Inspires Case Bloom

From Philadelphia, PA, Case Bloom is an artist, DJ, and graphic designer. He and his father own Tucker & Bloom, a company based in Nashville, TN that designs and manufactures bags of all sorts. Case spins records at his monthly hip hop party called THE BOOM BAP, in both Nashville and Philadelphia with guest DJs including 9th Wonder, Diamond D, The Foreign Exchange, DJ Evil Dee, and many more.

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What Inspires DJ Chela

From Brooklyn, NY, DJ Chela has been representing her values and music since 2002. In addition to DJing, she is a singer/songwriter, Reiki Master Teacher, and student at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Chela has performed on four continents, branding her name in radio, clubs, mixtapes, battles, and live shows to healing and political activism movements. Her movement is called the New Girl Order, embracing new possibilities when women’s voices have a respected presence in hip hop and society as a whole. Her live sets are a dynamic blend of hip hop, R&B, reggae, latin rhythms, rock, pop, classic funk, soul, and disco. In 2009, Chela received second place at the 2009 Winter Music Conference DJ Mix Battle, as well as second place at the 2006 “She’s My DJ!” battle. In 2010, she was the only female selected to compete in the NYC regional Red Bull Thre3Style Competition. She earned nominations for Best Female Mixtape DJ at the Justo’s Mixtape Awards two years in a row, as well as Best Underground Mixtape DJ in 2006, and was inducted into Justo’s Mixtape Allstars, the Murda Mamis, and the Universal Zulu Nation. DJ Chela hosted and mixed the weekly radio program, New Girl Order Radio, at Duke University for three years, and was selected as one of the Top 10 Most Influential College DJs by Urban Network Magazine. Chela’s mixtapes have helped her establish a unique style, socially aware themes combined with scratch production, mixing, and original blends. She has worked alongside KRS-One, Pharaohe Monch, Saigon, Mystic, Rebel Diaz, and Immortal Technique as their respective DJs.

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What Inspires Mista Sinista of The X-Ecutioners

From Queens, NY, Mista Sinista’s first influence was at age 11, from the sound of his father spinning breakbeat records at home. The hip hop sounds of Mr. Magic and Kool DJ Red Alert on New York’s WBLS and KISS FM soon captivated the Sinista. In 1986, he bought a set of Technics turntables and spent the next few years practicing religiously. In 1991, Sinista met Dr. Butcher, a legendary hip hop DJ from Queens who taught Sinista the art of turntablism. In 1992, when DJ Rob Swift entered the Northeast DMC Finals, Sinista was on stage aiding him. Rob placed first and Sinista was able to witness first hand what a battle routine was all about. Inspired, Mista Sinista who was by now a member of The X-Men, had competed the following year. He attracted industry attention as the runner up in the 1993 New Music Seminar Battle, and also in the Northeast DMC Finals. Those performances led to collaborations and touring the world with Common and The Beatnuts. Sinista gained a reputation as one of the best tour and scratch DJs in the world. His work is highlighted on Common’s 1994 album, Resurrection, and Fat Joe’s 1995 album, Jealous Ones Envy. In 1996, Mista Sinista won the DMC East Coast title. He continued recording with Al Tariq of The Beatnuts and rejoined forces with Common for a few tracks on the 1997 album One Day It’ll All Make Sense. With the critical success of The X-Ecutioners’ 1997 debut album, X-Pressions, as well as the growing buzz of the crew, The X-Ecutioners secured a recording deal on Loud/Sony. The 2002 album, Built From Scratch, was released and viewed as a groundbreaking album for turntablism. Mista Sinista’s debut album, Heartfelt, is scheduled to release in the near future. The album will showcase his creativity and ability to experiment successfully with several genres of music. The album will feature collaborations with hip hop’s best emcees and DJs, as well as several cross-genre music collaborations.

What Inspires DJ Total Eclipse of The X-Ecutioners

DJ Total Eclipse is an original member of New York City’s legendary elite DJ collective, The X-Ecutioners and currently Ill Insanity. Taking part in pioneering the art form of turntablism by recording some of the most influential albums. DJ Total Eclipse was introduced to turntables in 1991 at the age of 14, and learned how the craft by watching Scratch from EPMD cut on Video Music Box. In 1994, Total Eclipse entered his first DJ battle on DJ Mayhem’s college radio show, and caught the attention of DJ Rob Swift after winning. Rob and Total Eclipse linked up to practice together, and Rob taught Total Eclipse the history of battling and how to beat juggle. In 1996, Total Eclipse entered the Beat Street Records DJ Battle where he took first place and received a gold bronzed Technic 1200 turntable. He entered several more battles around New York, culminating in the International Turntables Federation Battle, where he competed against international DJs. After Total Eclipse won the challenges, he was soon inducted into the X-Men. In 1997, The X-Ecutioners recorded their debut album, X-Pressions. Total Eclipse’s recorded the song, “Turntable Exhibition”, a self-produced track that displays the essence of turntablism with only two Technic 1200’s and a Vestax 05PRO mixer to create a sonic collage. Total Eclipse recorded cuts on Organized Konfusion’s album, Equinox. He went on to do cuts and tour with Pharoahe Monch, which led to a performance on BET’s Live in LA, shortly followed by a battle on The Queen Latifah Show. In 2002, The X-Ecutioners took the world by storm from a collaboration with Linkin Park called “It’s Going Down”. Total Eclipse continues to master entertaining club sets and showcase routines while performing alongside Dilated Peoples, DJ Premier, Masta Ace, The Beatnuts, Cormega, Jay-Z, and more. Total Eclipse has succeeded making a string of television appearances, displaying his talent, and is consistently one of the most sought after DJs.

What Inspires DJ Needlz

Turntablist, beatmaker, party DJ, and artist, DJ Needlz, moved from his home in Mississippi to Houston, Texas, to compete in scratch battles and further his career on the turntables. Needlz began DJing in the early 80s and has won numerous battles in both Mississippi and Texas. Needlz has invented several new scratches such as the “Trans-Flare” and has been notorious for executing body tricks without missing a beat. In 2009, Needlz released an EP titled Electro Jam, and later followed by his full length album titled Expressions Of A Turntable. Check out his routine for the 2011 DMC Online DJ Championships and stay tuned for upcoming projects with ThatKidNamedCee.

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What Inspires DJ Rob Swift of The X-Ecutioners

DJ Rob Swift is a turntablist from Queens, NY. He began DJing at age 12 from watching his father DJ meringue parties, and later joined The X-Men in 1991. By 1992, Swift won the coveted DMC East Coast title, becoming world renowned as a master beat juggler. In 2001, Rob Swift was featured in the DJ documentary SCRATCH. In 2002, The X-Ecutioners’ critically acclaimed album Built From Scratch debuted in the Top 20 of the Billboard charts. Swift has also appeared on ESPN, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and even Sesame Street. In 2008, Rob was the first Hip Hop DJ to be invited to perform at the Savannah Jazz Festival. Rob has collaborated with Blue Man Group, Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Fat Joe, Cypress Hill, and more. Swift released his second DVD in 2009 called As The Technics Spin, where he details his thought process for creating his battle and showcase sets as well as selecting his records and developing his routines. Swift’s latest album, The Architect is a blend of hip hip and classical music that as the soundtrack to his vision of where hip hop could travel.