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Beedie | Interview

Beedie is an emcee from Pittsburgh, PA. Skilled in piano, guitar, and bass, he began showcasing his emcee skills in 2007 with a style reminiscent of classic New York hip hop. Officially debuting as a rapper alongside Mac Miller in the duo The Ill Spoken, Beedie was heavily influenced by early hip hop from J. Dilla, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., and Eminem. Beedie continued releasing music as part of the East End Empire, a conglomerate of Pittsburgh rappers, before forming the duo Varsity Squad with emcee Jon Quest. Varsity Squad secured placement on Jenesis Magazine’s cover in 2010, and noted Beedie a year later as one of five Pittsburgh rappers likely to succeed on a national level. In 2011, Beedie released The Beat Bully LP. His most recent project, Above The Weather, released in 2012.

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