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Fred The Godson | Interview

Fred The Godson is an emcee from Bronx, NY. Growing up in a household of six children, Fred lived in a drug-infested environment and lived in a shelter after watching his house burn down at a young age. Fred dropped out of high school due to peer pressure, home life, and street temptations, and additionally suffered from kidney disease, asthma, and diabetes. Inspired by MC Hammer, Fred discovered his talent with words at age 15. At age 20, Fred landed meetings with several major record companies. He later released two successful mixtapes, They Call Me The Flow and American Gangster. Fred won the 2007 Underground Music Award for Best Male Rapper and has worked with producers such as Rockwilder, Buckwild, Teddy Riley, and more.

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  • comment avatar The Legendary M.C. El BEE October 17, 2012

    Fred I salute you my BX Brother,
    The Hip Hop Demigodz & Invisible Legendz of Hip Hop commend you on coming forth to make the rest of the world remember who we are, and don’t worry my brother the Hip Hop Heavenz has Released and actual Hip Hop Demigod to ascend upon the Game to bring The Bronx Glory back..
    Behold the send me The BX 1974 Legendary M.C.El Bee (amen)

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