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Nico The Beast | Interview

Nico The Beast is an emcee from Philadelphia, PA. Since 1999, he took his craft serious and began battling other emcees. Nico represents raw hip hop as a therapeutic outlet to vent frustration and true stories with intricate flows. In 2007, he Nico released a mixtape, Feed The Beast. In 2008, he released the debut album in 2008, No Beast So Fierce. In 2009, the mixtape Dinner Is Served Vol. 1 was released, followed by the 2010 album, The Beast Within.

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  • comment avatar DIstantStarr April 1, 2012

    You have to support Nico. His lyrics are too real. Keep going bro and don’t let anything stop you. Here is some “actual” support. Posting up on Tumblr too. Peace


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