What Inspires Skyzoo

Skyzoo is an emcee from Brooklyn, NY. He began rapping at age 9 and was introduced to producers J. Dilla and 9th Wonder from a mutual friend. In 2006, Skyzoo and 9th spent three days recording the album, Cloud 9: The 3 Day High. That same year, Skyzoo contributed to three tracks on the Hall Of Justus album, Soldiers Of Fortune. In 2007, he released the mixtape, Corner Store Classic and a remixed version in 2008 with new material as a digital download. In 2009, Skyzoo released an album on Duck Down Music called The Salvation, which charted #14 on the Billboard Top 200. He teamed up with producer !llmind in 2010 to release the album, Live From The Tape Deck, and followed up in 2011 with a mixtape, The Great Debater. Skyzoo’s music has been featured on HBO’s Entourage, ESPN, Lost, The Damned, Grand Theft Auto, and more. In 2012, Skyzoo is scheduled to release an album called A Dream Deferred.

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