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Blak Madeen | Interview

Blak Madeen is a hip hop duo from Boston, MA. Emcees Al-J and Yusuf share a bond created by their mutual love of positive music and the religion of Islam. The duo released their debut album, Sacred Defense, in 2009. Al-J’s rapid-fire, multi-syllabic flow contrasts nicely with Yusuf’s calm, deadpan delivery. In 2010, Yusuf released the solo album, Fear Of A White Muslim, and Al-J released his solo album, Unforgivable Blakness. In 2013, Yusuf released the album Rhyme Dawah, with features from Freeway, Tragedy Khadafi, The Jacka, Sadat X, Reef The Lost Cauze, Blacastan, and more.

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